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20cogs – More Free Money!

20cogs is one of the highest earning survey sites around! Average pay-out is around the £200 mark – I can confirm that in my first month I’d earned over £26, but it could have been an awful lot more! And it’s all free money!

Honestly, I’ve barely scratched the surface with this one as I’m spacing out the surveys, but one of the things I like about 20cogs is that it’s not all surveys!

You can earn money for taking out a new mobile phone deal, watching videos, playing games, reading magazines, entering into new subscriptions (that you can cancel before you have to pay), etc etc. 20cogs really does have a good selection of money-earning opportunities!

We love free money, as we’ve already told you, so we hope you like 20cogs as much as we do!

Nikki & Gill x

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