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Personal Accountability—Do You Know Your Own Influence?

All of us influence someone. We may not be leaders, but we are in leadership. We may not be powerful but we have power. We may not have responsibility but we are responsible. An old adage* states, “No man is an island.” Even those people living the most isolated of lifestyles have influenced someone, are influencing someone or will influence …

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Being Organised Makes Life Easier

Being Organised Makes Life Easier It may not be that much of a big deal if there’s a small amount of clutter around you – occasionally. However, clutter is a symptom of being unorganised. Being unorganised is a habit. So is rationalising or making excuses about being too busy. Here is one of life’s paradoxes. Have you noticed that those …

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What Makes the Law of Attraction Work for Stars, Athletes, and Millionaires?

If you’re anything like us, you may have wondered what makes the Law of Attraction work for stars, athletes and millionaires! We both ‘discovered’ and got involved with Law of Attraction several years ago, and while we may not have mastered it completely, it has definitely made a difference to our lives (and we can both manifest parking spaces … …

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