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Hempseed Oil for Animals: Show Your Pets Extra Love

Did you know that Hempseed Oil (CBD) could be used for animals such as dogs, cats, even horses? Both Nikki and I have used CBD products over the past twelve to eighteen months to help with pain control and insomnia. The results have honestly been incredible! Nikki managed to stop taking all of her prescribed painkillers, and her sleep improved …

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New Month, New Plans, New Goals

New month, new plans, new goals – we both love the feeling of renewal we get when a new month (or season) begins. But we also find ourselves pondering the big question: where on earth has this year gone? We are busy bees at the moment, currently working on lots of new projects and dreaming up new goals! We’re still …

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Your Skin’s Most Important Function: Renewal

Did you know that one of your skin’s most important functions is to renew itself at night? If you don’t remove your makeup or cleanse your face correctly, this can prevent the skin’s natural renewal process, causing skin damage and ageing your skin prematurely. Even missing one or two nights can have a negative effect on your complexion. Additionally, if …

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