Pick My Postcode

*Please note, this post contains affiliate links*

Pick My Postcode (PMP) – this is free to join. Every day there are a number of draws and you can win anything from £10 to £500, even £1,000 on some occasions – if the main draws aren’t claimed, then the prize is rolled over to the following day.

Winnings are paid into your Paypal account and in addition to the draw prize amount, you also get any commissions you’ve built up – this builds by logging in to check the draws on a daily basis as well as referring people, so it’s definitely worth checking regularly! (At the time of writing, my personal bonus is just under £100, so if I win any of the draws, this balance will be added to my winnings!)

Pick My Postcode is always free, and you get a daily email reminding you to go and check to see if you’re a winner! You can join here.

Image: Jason Dent @ Unsplash