We Love Free Stuff and We Think You Will, Too!

Who doesn’t love a bargain or a freebie? We know we do, we just love free stuff! Here you will find some completely FREE sites you can join where you’ll either be able to earn a little cash, win great prizes, or just receive discounts on goods you may be purchasing. This list will keep growing over time, so be sure to check back regularly!

(For clarity, please remember we use affiliate links so we may sometimes <not always> earn a small commission should you sign up using our link. To remove affiliate cookies, see here.)

Image by Fabian @Unsplash

First up (UK only) is Pick My Postcode (PMP) – this is free to join. Every day there are a number of draws and you can win anything from £10 to £500, even £1,000 on some occasions – if the main draws aren’t claimed, then the prize is rolled over to the following day. Winnings are paid into your Paypal account and in addition to the draw prize amount, you also get any commissions you’ve built up – this builds not only by referring people, but by logging in to check the draws on a daily basis, so definitely worth checking regularly! It’s always free, and you get a daily email reminding you to go and check to see if you’ve got a winning post code! You can join here.

Next we have the sister site to PMPFreemoji Lottery. Again this is free and you get a daily email reminding you to enter. Prizes range from $5 to $100, depending again on whether the main prize has been won or is being rolled over. Payments are made in US dollars, direct to your Paypal account. You can sign up here.

You may already be familiar with the website Booking.com as it’s one of the most popular accommodation booking sites, but did you know that if you sign up, you can get a referral link which gives £15 to your friend using your link, and also gives you £15? If your friends and family ever book using this website, wouldn’t you want them to get £15 to spend towards their booking? And almost as good, give you £15 towards your next booking, too! This is definitely a win-win bonus! Sign up here.

Next up is Win A Dinner! Once you register, you’ll receive a daily email reminding you to go and check to see if you’ve won (aren’t these companies helpful?!). You can win either a £25 voucher for certain restaurants (including Wagamama, Great British Pubs, Pizza Express, Tesco, Just Eat), or £20 cash paid to your Paypal account, or, if you’re feeling generous, the prize is doubled to make donation of £40 to FareShare, a food poverty charity. What’s not to love, with these choices available? You can sign up here.

If you’re a crafter or just love sewing and/or knitting, this link will get you 15% off your first order with Love Crafts! No strings attached, just go to the website using our link and your discount will automatically apply. And then, once you’ve placed an order, you’ll be able to pass the same offer on to your friends! Win win! Just click here!

YouGov surveys – it can take a while to build up your points on this survey site, however, they pay out a lovely £50 when you do! We tend to do surveys while we’re relaxing watching TV, there’s very little effort involved. You will receive an email each time there’s a survey available so you don’t even need to remember to check the site. And also, when you see ‘according to statistics’ mentioned on the news, those stats are often from the results of YouGov surveys, so you could be contributing towards some very useful data! You can join here.

Our Favourite Cash Back Sites

Top Cashback – it’s not difficult to see why this company has been named the UK’s favourite cash back site! This is one of our favourite sites to shop through, as many major retailers are members. But not only those big companies (think insurance sites, and household names like Boots, Debenhams, Moonpig, Superdrug just as an example) but several independent shops and stores. We particularly enjoy using Etsy via Top Cashback, as we can often be supporting independent shops, creatives, home-based businesses etc, yet still getting some cash back when we shop there. That’s definitely a win-win for us! You can sign up here.

Quidco – another fantastic cash back site, and the highest paying one in the UK, we use this when renewing our insurance policies (house, car, life insurance) as well as for various other purchases throughout the year. It’s a great way of saving up, if you let your cash back build up – it’s amazing how much you can save in a year! According to Quidco‘s website, the average member makes £280/year! You can be paid via bank transfer, Paypal, or even in vouchers, the choice is yours! Sign up here.

Free Trial Available with Profit Accumulator

Profit Accumulator – one of our favourite matched betting sites and where we learnt the basics of how to actually do it! We were complete beginners, one of us had never even placed a bet, yet within a month of joining PA we had both made a few hundred pounds of profit! Betting ‘profit’ is non-taxable in the UK because bets are taxed at source (meaning you pay up front when you make your stake) so it’s a great way to make extra income. Check Profit Accumulator out here for a great joining offer, and if you’d like more information on matched betting, we have some info on it here.

Zilch – what is Zilch? It’s a virtual card that allows you to buy now, pay later (BNPL) at thousands of retailers, including Amazon, eBay, AliExpress and Nike. Some stores charge a fee of £2.50 when you use Zilch, while with others, it’s free (and the store pays Zilch a commission). Get £10 in Zilch Rewards for each friend you refer. Let your friends know about Zilch. If they sign up, they’ll get £10 worth of Rewards and once they’ve made their first purchase, you’ll get £10 too. Send them your unique referral link so they can sign up and enjoy! 18+ UK Residents Only. You can get more info and sign up here.

Newsflare – Moments that matter are happening everywhere, every minute of the day. The world is hungry to see them, and Newsflare wants to reward you for sharing them. Do you, or a friend, family member or social media pal, have any videos worth sharing? You can earn from your own videos, but if your friends and family sign up using your link and their videos sell, you will both earn an extra £10 each! You can submit as many videos as you like, so if videos are your thing, consider signing up to Newsflare. You never know where it may lead! You can sign up here.

Freetrade – If you’d like a simple way to learn trading, Freetrade could be the app for you. It’s simple, you can buy fractional shares (which means you don’t need to invest much up front to get started), there’s a wide range of UK and US stocks to choose from, and there are different ways to invest. The Freetrade App is award winning and great for beginners or experienced traders alike. Even better, when you sign up using our referral link, you will receive a FREE SHARE worth anywhere between £3 to £250! (The vast majority of new members receive a share worth between £3-£10.) To get your free share, download the app, join Freetrade, deposit just £1 and you’ll receive your free share within 7-10 days! Sign up here.