Free Money Offers We Think You’ll Love

We have lots of free money offers that we think you’ll love. After all, who doesn’t love a bargain or a freebie? We know we do! We just love free stuff, so we’ll be sharing loads of free money offers in the future.

Here you will find completely FREE sites you can join where you’ll either be able to earn a little cash, win great prizes, or just receive discounts on goods you may be purchasing.

This list will keep growing over time, so be sure to check back regularly! Just click on the relevant heading to be taken to a page with more information.

For clarity, please remember we use affiliate links so we may sometimes earn a small commission should you sign up using our link. Click the following links to see our full disclaimer here or to avoid links or remove cookies.

Free Draws & Discounts

Power Rewards App – free to join, earn money by reducing your electricity usage (UK only). Additionally, you’ll be helping the planet.

Pick My Postcode (PMP) – free to join, UK only.

Freemoji Lottery – free to join (not an affiliate link)

Win A Dinner – free to join, UK only – referral code

Love Crafts – discount code

YouGov surveys – referral code

Our Favourite Cash Back Sites

Top Cashback, Quidco & Pouch

Misc Offers & Programmes. (formerly Profit Accumulator) – Free Trial Available

Newsflare – earn money from your videos (your videos could also go viral)

Freetrade – an EasyPeasy way to learn share trading

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