YouGov Surveys: Make Your Voice Heard

YouGov Surveys specialises in market research and opinion polling and is internet-based, so why not make your voice heard and your opinions matter? Completely free to join.

Once you join you’ll receive your own referral link which you can share this with your friends and family. You’ll gain 200 points for each person who joins using your link.

It can take a while to build up your points on this survey site, however, they do pay out a lovely £50 when you reach the required number! We tend to do surveys while we’re relaxing watching TV, so there’s very little effort involved. (Gill is averaging a £50 payment every 9-10 months, just as an example.)

You will receive an email each time there’s a survey available so you don’t even need to remember to check the site. Also, when you see or hear the words, ‘according to statistics’ mentioned on the news, those stats are often from the results of YouGov surveys. So you could be contributing towards some very useful data!

If you’d like to join using our link just visit YouGov Surveys here.

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Your Voice Matters