Nature’s Magic Oils

Working in the wellness industry has made a massive impact on my life not only for me but for my family and friends. My passion in life – and my main priority – is to help people and touch the lives of people I meet. I joined a fabulous company called doTERRA which came into my life when I needed it the most – now, 2.5 years later, my love of oils and my business, Nature’s Magic Oils, is still going strong. ?

doTERRA is the largest essential oil distributor in the world. We empower people (like you!) to use a natural approach in their everyday life. People turn to doTERRA when:

• Their current approach to health is not achieving the results it was supposed to

• They are tired of using chemical concoctions for literally everything

• They are confused by all the natural options out there and feel overwhelmed just   researching it

• They want more energy to do the things they love without the side effects of stimulants

• They want to increase the overall quality of life for their family

We offer a full line of essential oil kits and products to support your family’s health goals, whatever they are.

doTERRA has really raised the bar in the essential oil industry. There are no fillers, no artificial ingredients, and no dilution. The plants used to make each oil are grown in their ideal environments all around the world and the oils go through five levels of 3rd party testing to ensure purity and potency. This means that when you see the doTERRA label, you can feel confident that you will see the highest health benefits.

They also work with local farmers to create a better economy (as the oils are often sourced in 3rd world areas). They create jobs and support the community to raise the standard of living – like providing running water in Haiti. This doesn’t matter to everyone – but it did matter to me when I was comparing options.

I recommend choosing one of the most popular kits.

The Family Essentials kit includes the top 10 oils in small bottles (85 drops). The Home Essentials kit includes the top 10 oils in large bottles (250 drops) PLUS a diffuser. With any kit, you’ll also get access to wholesale pricing (25% off) any purchase for the next 12 months. You’ll also get access to a 3-month guided program to help you take simple steps to make your health & nutrition, green cleaning, and self-care/beauty glow!! There is never any commitment to purchase anything else or share oils as a business.

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