Honesty & Transparency

We endeavour to provide our visitors with honest opinions of products and services which we have used ourselves. Occasionally we may recommend a product or service that later becomes obsolete, or which may change dramatically in how it operates/functions. In these instances, we do our best to keep the site updated as quickly as possible, but there may be times when we haven’t been given enough or the relevant information to enable us to do this. Should you come across information that you feel we need to update, please contact us using the Contact Us page or via Social Media.

We endeavour to give true and accurate opinions of our experience using products and services. We will not be biased towards products and services in relation to monetary gain, for example, if we recommend a product and provide an affiliate link for you to purchase it.

We are transparent at all times with regards to our use of affiliate links, where we may benefit financially from you visiting a website after clicking on one of our links. We also explain how you may purchase the said products by not using our links on our Advice, Notes & General Information page. Here, you will also find information on the Advertising Standard’s Authority and how to contact them.