The Magic of Hygge (and How it Can Benefit Us All)

If you read any books about Hygge (pronounced hoo-ga), they tell us that this Danish word can’t easily be translated into English, and that the simple meaning is generally, a feeling of cosiness and contentment. That’s nice, but we are left wondering: can we all be as happy as the […]

November … Time to Hunker Down, Cuddle Up, and Get Our Cosy On

We love November (and not just because it’s someone’s birthday month, eh Nikki?😉). Getting cosy, embracing the season, feeling grateful, festive planning in full mode (if that’s your thing), and celebrating all things sparkly and hygge. Thanks to Scandinavian friends for introducing us to the hygge <“hoo-ga”> concept. If you’d […]

Are You Guilty of Over-Planning? The Surprising Consequences Revealed!

Are you guilty of over-planning? It’s a strange question, coming from two people who love planning, but stay with us. Over-planning leads to surprising consequences, and we’re here to reveal just what they are. The Dark Side Of Over-Planning: It’s Secretly Sabotaging Your Success In a world that praises meticulous […]

Tackling Clutter, the Easy Way: Why Make It So Complicated?

This post is about tackling clutter the easy way, a simpler way. Because why make it so complicated? If you search for articles and videos about tackling clutter, you could be forgiven for thinking it’s a pretty complicated business. You need lots of time (that you haven’t got). You need […]