Whistlefish – Special Offers, Discounts & Other Ways to Earn

Whistlefish sell beautiful and sustainable cards, artwork and gifts. The company was founded by young artist, Lyn Thompson, in Cornwall in 1996. With a passion for florals and animals, she grew the company to become one of the county’s best loved card and art brands, and there are now 12 shops.

All cards are unique to them and not mass-produced. You can also add Royal Mail postage stamps to your orders, making it easy to keep organised with your birthday, Christmas, and special occasion cards.


They regularly have special offers, eg 10 cards for £15 instead of £20, or a free storage tin when you spend a certain amount. The tins are in really pretty designs and have a multitude of uses. I use mine for, storing cards, envelopes and stamps, filling with goodies to give as gifts, and I also use them as cake/biscuit tins.

Earning Discounts & Referral Fees with Whistlefish

You can earn loyalty points for each order placed and for carrying out simple tasks such as following Whistlefish on social media. These points can then be exchanged for discount vouchers for you to spend. As an example, 500 points – which is pretty easy to achieve – gives you a £5 voucher. You can also refer friends, again for points or discount vouchers. (These details may change after publication of this article, so please check the Whistlefish website for current offers.)

Use my friend referral link and get £5 off your first order (minimum order value applies). For clarity, I will also receive the same reward for referring you.


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