Happy New Year – May 2024 Bring All you Desire

Happy New Year to you all! 🥂 🥃 🎉 When there are so many awful things happening in the world, it’s often hard for us to take a step back and hope for good things for ourselves. It can seem trivial to wish for things – material or otherwise – […]

Our Review of the John Thornhill Ambassador Programme

Reading a review of a programme before you consider joining is an important step for all digital entrepreneurs, especially those who are new to working online, so here is our own review of the John Thornhill Ambassador Programme. Any Review Should Always Tell You Who Is Behind a Programme, So […]

Merry Christmas for All Who Celebrate

We just wanted to pop in to wish our followers and readers a Very Merry Christmas! Despite some terrible things happening in the world right now, we hope you find love, peace, and a little bit of happiness, during this festive season. We’re taking a break now to spend time […]

Overcoming Your Fears: Is There An Easy Way?

Is there an easy way to help in overcoming your fears? What is fear, anyway? Our brains are hardwired for fear as it helps us identify threats to our safety, and then avoid them. Fear would have been essential in caveman/woman times – after all, we needed to know if […]

The Magic of Hygge (and How it Can Benefit Us All)

If you read any books about Hygge (pronounced hoo-ga), they tell us that this Danish word can’t easily be translated into English, and that the simple meaning is generally, a feeling of cosiness and contentment. That’s nice, but we are left wondering: can we all be as happy as the […]