The EPS 2024 Business & Success Planner *Reduced*

We’re delighted to announce our latest product, the EPS Business & Success Planner for 2024 has now launched. It’s provided in PDF format, meaning you can either print what you need or you can upload it in an app such as Notability and use it as a digital planner.

*Even though several months of the year have passed, there’s still lots of value to be had from our planner. We’ve reduced the price dramatically to just £3.99! If you’d like a copy, please get in touch.*

There are over 100 page designs included so you can choose the ones you need or are interested in. For example, you may like a daily to-do list, or perhaps prefer just a weekly schedule – the choice is yours. And we’ve sprinkled inspiration throughout, to help keep you motivated.

What’s Inside your 2024 Planner

There are sections on goal setting, self-care, finances, bucket lists, and Law of Attraction, just for starters. We’ve also included instructions for those sheets that require it, like the Wheel of Life or Review sheets. You’re free to set up your planner in your own way, making it ideal for many different situations. Just print in your preferred size, punch, and then file.

2024 planner

We have a choice of over 30 cover designs and you can request a personalised cover at no extra cost. If you’d prefer a different font for your planner cover, we can do that for you, too. If you want a completely new design and have something in mind, just get in touch and we’ll see what we can do. (We may make a small charge for this, depending on how complex the design is.)

If you’d like to purchase a copy of our planner, please contact us here or on Facebook (make sure you’re following us so we’ll see your message immediately.

Please note – newsletter subscribers get a 15% discount. Subscribe here for the newsletter, then let us know you’re a subscriber when you DM us to place your order.

2024 planner
A selection of some of the Covers we have available

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