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Do You Give Away Your Personal Power?

Your immediate answer to this question will probably be no, but if you think about it, we are all giving away at least some of our personal power to perceived experts on a daily basis: to doctors, financial planners, insurance salespeople, etc.

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Often, these people are experts – doctors, for instance – and we should mostly* listen to them, but this isn’t always the case with everyone else.

When it comes to your own finances, it’s essential that you use your personal power and make final decisions yourself. Abundance in any form, whether that’s relating to health, finances, wealth etc, doesn’t come from external sources – it comes from within.

You hold within you the power to make the right decisions – for you – to enable you to move forward in the direction you’d like to go to achieve your personal goals and dreams. After all, nobody knows better than you where you want to go in life!

Why do we sometimes shy away from taking control and making those difficult financial decisions? Usually, it’s down to fear. We worry that if we don’t do what the ‘experts’ say, that we’ll be making a mistake; that we don’t have enough experience to use our own judgement: that we need to do exactly what the experts say.

If you eliminate this fear, you’re on the way to creating more abundance in any area of your life, not just in your finances. 

  • Do your own due diligence on companies and so-called experts before you make any decisions
  • Learn how things operate – there has never been a better time than now for us to garner knowledge, we have so many sources available to us
  • Learn how to create wealth – again, there is plenty of knowledge out there, you literally have a world of knowledge at your fingertips
  • Take advice from the experts by all means, but don’t feel you have to use all of it
  • Make decisions from a place of wisdom, not fear
  • Trust yourself
  • Ask yourself who is in charge – the answer is you!

To make money and create wealth, you must take control of your finances, and above all, hold onto your personal power

*To be discussed further at a later date

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