Pick My Postcode: Great Prizes, Free to Enter

Pick My Postcode (PMP) – this is a free to join site for the UK, with some great prizes!

You can win anything from £10 to £500 in one of several daily draws. Additionally, if the main draw isn’t claimed, the prize is rolled over! We’ve seen it as high as £1,000!

Winnings are paid into your Paypal account. In addition to the draw prize amount, you also receive any commission you’ve built up. Each time you log in to check the draws, you earn commission, so it’s worth checking daily. You can also earn by referring people. At the time of writing, my personal bonus is just over £100, so if I win any of the draws, this balance will be added to my winnings!

Although neither of us have won (yet!), we continue to check the daily draws – we live in hope 😁 – but have seen winning post codes very close to ours.

Pick My Postcode is always free, and you get a daily email reminding you to go and check to see if you’re a winner! You can join PMP here.

Let us know if you join, or if you’re already a member, if you’ve ever won! 🤩

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pick my postcode

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