National & International Important Dates April – June 2023

Here’s a list of important dates, both national and international, for the months of April to June 2023.

We were surprised at how many days of the year are now allocated as ‘special’ days, for one reason or another. It seems there’s a day for everything and everyone! Here is a comprehensive list of some of the more important dates, but this is by no means 100% complete!

April to June

01 April: April Fool’s Day

02 April: International Children’s Book Day

02 April: Palm Sunday

02 April: Autism Awareness Day

04 April: International Carrot Day

05 April: Passover

05 April: National Walking Day

06 April: Maundy Thursday

06 April: Holy Thursday

07 April: World Health Day

08 April: Holy Saturday

09 April: Easter Sunday

10 April: National Siblings Day

10 April: World Homeopathy Day

11 April: National Pet Day

13 April: Last Day of Passover

13 April: National Scrabble Day

14 April: Day of Silence

14 April: Orthodox Good Friday

15 April: World Art Day

16 April: Orthodox Easter

16 April: World Voice Day

17 April: World Haemophilia Day

18 April: International Day for Monuments & Sites

20 April: Chinese Language Day

20 April: Last Day of Ramadan

21 April: National Tea Day

22 April: Earth Day

23 April: Saint George’s Day

23 April: Great British Beef Week

23 April: English Language Day

23 April: Spanish Language Day

23 April: World Book Day

25 April: World Malaria Day

25 April: World Penguin Day

26 April: International Chernobyl Disaster Remembrance Day

26 April: International Guide Dog Day

29 April: International Dance Day

01 May: May Day

02 May: International Harry Potter Day

02 May: World Tuna Day

04 May: Star Wars Day

05 May: Cinco de Mayo

05 May: International Day of the Midwife

05 May: World Portuguese Language Day

06 May: Coronation of King Charles III

07 May: Hedgehog Awareness Week Begins

07 May: World Laughter Day

08 May: Coronation of King Charles III – Bank Holiday

08 May: V-E Day

08 May: World Red Cross Day

10 May: World Lupus Day

12 May: International Nurses Day

12 May: National Limerick Day

13 May: World Cocktail Day

13 May: Fair Trade Day

15 May: International Day of Families

16 May: International Day of Light

18 May: Ascension Day

19 May: Endangered Species Day

20 May: World Whisky (and Whiskey) Day

20 May: National Dog Rescue Day

20 May: World Bee Day

21 May: International Tea Day

21 May: World Baking Day

23 May: World Turtle Day

25 May: International Missing Children Day

28 May: World Blood Cancer Day

28 May: Pentecost

29 May: Spring Bank Holiday / Whit Monday

30 May: National Creativity Day

30 May: World Multiple Sclerosis Day

31 May: World No Tobacco Day

01 June: Global Day of Parents

01 June: World Reef Awareness Day

03 June: World Bicycle Day

04 June: National Cancer Survivor’s Day

04 June: National Cheese Day

04 June: Trinity Sunday

05 June: D-Day

05 June: World Environment Day

08 June: Corpus Christi

08 June: National Best Friends Day

08 June: World Oceans Day

10 June: Global Wellness Day

14 June: World Blood Donor Day

15 June: Beer Day Britain

16 June: Father’s Day UK

16 June: National Fudge Day

18 June: International Picnic Day

18 June: International Sushi Day

20 June: International Surfing Day

20 June: World Refugee Day

21 June: International Yoga Day

21 June: Summer Solstice – Start of Summer

22 June: World Rainforest Day

23 June: National Writing Day

23 June: International Women in Engineering Day

25 June: Global Beatles Day

27 June: National PTSD Awareness Day

28 June: Eid al-Adha

29 June: National Camera Day

30 June: International Asteroid Day

30 June: Take Your Dog to Work Day


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