National & International Important Dates October-December 2023

Here’s a list of important dates, both national and international, for the months of October to December 2023.

We were surprised at how many days of the year are now allocated as ‘special’ days, for one reason or another. It seems there’s a day for everything and everyone! Here is a comprehensive list of some of the more important dates, but this is by no means 100% complete!

October to December

01 October: Grandparents’ Day

01 October: International Coffee Day

01 October: International Music Day

01 October: National Hair Day

01 October: World Vegetarian Day

02 October: International Day of Non-Violence

02 October: World Habitat Day

03 October: National Boyfriend Day

04 October: National Taco Day

04 October: World Financial Planning Day

04 October: World Space Week Begins

04 October: World Animal Day

05 October: National Poetry Day

05 October: World Teachers’ Day

06 October: World Smile Day

06 October: World Cerebral Palsy Day

08 October: UK Fungus Day

08 October: International Podiatry Day

09 October: World Post Day

10 October: World Porridge Day

10 October: World Homeless Day

11 October: International Day of the Girl Child

12 October: World Arthritis Day

12 October: World Sight Day

13 October: World Egg Day

14 October: World Hospice & Palliative Care Day

15 October: International Day of Rural Women

15 October: Global Handwashing Day

16 October: World Spine Day

17 October: International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

17 October: National Pasta Day

20 October: International Sloth Day

20 October: World Osteoporosis Day

21 October: Back to the Future Day

21 October: National Apple Day

21 October: National Reptile Day

22 October: International Stuttering Awareness Day

24 October: United Nations Day

25 October: World Opera Day

25 October: International Dwarfism Awareness Day

26 October: National Pumpkin Day

27 October: National Mentoring Day

29 October: National Cat Day

29 October: World Stroke Day

29 October: World Psoriasis Day

31 October: World Savings Day

31 October: Halloween

01 Nov: All Saints’ Day

01 Nov: Day of the Dead

01 Nov: Movember Begins

01 Nov: World Vegan Day

02 Nov: All Souls’ Day

05 Nov: Bonfire Night (Guy Fawkes Night)

05 Nov: World Tsunami awareness Day

08 Nov: National Cappuccino Day

09 Nov: British Pudding Day

09 Nov: World Adoption Day

10 Nov: World Science Day for Peace & Development

11 Nov: Remembrance Day

13 Nov: World Kindness Day

14 Nov: World Diabetes Day

15 Nov: World Phimantropy Day

16 Nov: International Day for Tolerance

17 Nov: World Prematurity Day

17 Nov: National Unfriend Day

19 Nov: International Men’s Day

19 Nov: National Play Monopoly Day

19 Nov: World Toilet Day

20 Nov: Universal Children’s Day

21 Nov: World Hello Day

21 Nov: World Television Day

23 Nov: National Espresso Day

24 Nov: Buy Nothing Day

25 Nov: International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

27 Nov: Cyber Monday

28 Nov: Giving Tuesday

01 Dec: World AIDS Day

02 Dec: Small Business Saturday

02 Dec: National Mutt Day

02 Dec: Candle Day

04 Dec: Wildlife Conservation Day

05 Dec: International Volunteer Day

06 Dec: St Nicholas Day

07 Dec: International Civil Aviation Day

08 Dec: National Brownie Day

09 Dec: International Anti-corruption Day

10 Dec: Human Rights Day

10 Dec: International Animal Rights Day

10 Dec: Nobel Prize Day

11 Dec: UNICEF Birthday

11 Dec: International Mountain Day

12 Dec: International Day of Neutrality

14 Dec: Monkey Day

18 Dec: Arabic Language Day

20 Dec: International Human Solidarity Day

21 Dec: Winter Solstice – Start of Winter

24 Dec: Christmas Eve

25 Dec: Christmas Day

26 Dec: Boxing Day

27 Dec: International Day of Epidemic Preparedness


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