How To Avoid Using Affiliate Links & Cookies (and more)

This section explains how to avoid using affiliate links and cookies (and more). These instructions apply to any website you visit, giving you a choice whether to use links or not.

As we regularly declare – see our full disclaimer – we use affiliate links throughout our site. This is a way for us to earn referral income from people signing up to websites or purchasing products using our links.

Amazon Links

In the case of Amazon, if you visit the site using our links then regardless of whether or not you make a purchase, each time you visit the site during the next twenty-four hours, it will link back to us. This is true for everyone using Amazon affiliate links, wherever they post them online. That could be Instagram, websites, etc.

This means that should you make a subsequent purchase within those twenty-four hours, we could earn a commission from them. This is because our ‘cookie’ will have been recorded. In some instances, the cookie will last longer than this, but it varies so much it would be impossible to list all such instances here. However, in the vast majority of cases, it will just be twenty-four hours. (Please refer to Amazon for further information.)

We would like to say that if you do use our links, we thank you very much as every penny helps us as self-employed people. 😊

If You Prefer Not To Use Affiliate Links

If you would prefer not to sign up using an affiliate link you have two options available. Firstly, you can just make a note of the website or product we are recommending and go there directly. Alternatively, you could clear your cookies before proceeding.

Removing Cookies

You won’t need to clear all cookies, just those produced within the time slot when you clicked on our link. For full advice on clearing cookies should you need it, search Google for your particular browser and how to do it.

Transparency Regarding Affiliate Links

We hope this helps you make a clear choice as we prefer full transparency regarding how we could benefit from your visit to our website. We would like to think that anyone using affiliate links is as transparent as us. However, it’s evident from many social media sites that this isn’t always the case. Some social media influencers (including some of the really big accounts!) do not display ads and affiliate links correctly.

How To Report Misleading Ads or Those Not Marked As Affiliate Links

If you’re ever concerned, wish to report a misleading ad, or would like further information, you can contact the Advertising Standards Authority.

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