Law of Attraction Advent Calendar: Starts this Friday

Just a couple of days to go until the Law of Attraction Advent Calendar begins, so if this is something you’re interested in, please check out our recent post about it. As we mentioned in the post, we have both done this calendar before and it’s a wonderful experience. It’s […]

Find Your Gratitude and Live a Happier Life: Part 2

As we discussed in part 1, gratitude is a different way of thinking. But more than that, it’s a different way of feeling, and acting. No matter what your personal circumstances are, there is always a reason to be – and feel – grateful, if you look for it. Don’t […]

The 369 Code: How to Practice Manifestation with Nikola Tesla 👁️

Inventor and scientist Nikola Tesla was famously interested in the numbers 369. He believed that these numbers formed the building blocks of the Universe and that they impacted everything from energy, frequency, to matter itself. This is an abridged version of Nikki’s article on All Things Naturally Magical – you […]

Monday Motivation: Words by Amanda Frances, “The Money Queen”

We love a little Monday motivation around here, do you? Today’s words of wisdom come from Amanda Frances, aka The Money Queen. (See also, self-made millionaire, best-selling author, creator of online programmes and digital products.) About Amanda You can find out more about Amanda here. Disclaimer Our site uses affiliate […]

Find Your Gratitude and Live a Happier Life: Part 1

Can finding gratitude help us live happier lives? Well, let us ask you a question. If you were told you could do something that would make you feel happier in 30 days time, would you do it? What about 10 days from now? 2 days? An hour? Or how about […]

Law of Attraction: How to Master Your Thoughts And Beliefs

The Law of Attraction teaches us that our beliefs and thoughts, if positive, bring positive experience into our lives (and vice versa for negative ones). So by focusing on thinking and feeling positively, we can obtain positive results. LoA is often associated with the ‘New Thought’ movement, which began in […]