Find Your Gratitude and Live a Happier Life: Part 2

As we discussed in part 1, gratitude is a different way of thinking. But more than that, it’s a different way of feeling, and acting. No matter what your personal circumstances are, there is always a reason to be – and feel – grateful, if you look for it. Don’t […]

Find Your Gratitude and Live a Happier Life: Part 1

Can finding gratitude help us live happier lives? Well, let us ask you a question. If you were told you could do something that would make you feel happier in 30 days time, would you do it? What about 10 days from now? 2 days? An hour? Or how about […]

Love Yourself Fiercely: Words To Live By, from Carla Leyba

“Love yourself fiercely. No one is coming to save you, to give you permission, to choose you, to validate you. This has always been your job. You must love yourself so fiercely, and fully that you have no choice but to be strong for yourself, to fight for yourself, to […]