Tropic & United World Schools: Helping to Teach the Unreached

Tropic Skincare is working in partnership with United World Schools, helping to ‘teach the unreached’. You can read about this partnership in the excerpt below. Every single purchase Tropic customers make, no matter how small, contributes to this fantastic project.

Excerpt from Tropic Skincare’s website (abridged)

The value of education weighs heavy in many of our pockets, but going to school means more than just punctuation and equations. It’s the formula for the freedom to choose.

Although school isn’t the same for everyone, the universal importance of basic primary education is simply undeniable. If you can remember sitting in a classroom moaning about a teacher, you’re fortunately not among the 62 million children in the world who don’t get the chance to go to school. 

Not everyone without an education is living in poverty

But many of the poorest, most vulnerable and remote communities have insufficient access to education as their binding common thread.

Armed with this knowledge, the Tropic family decided to fight for the right for every child to go to school. Here, our beautiful relationship with United World Schools (UWS) was born. Through this partnership, money from every order goes towards running and resourcing schools in the world’s most remote regions. It also helps with building new ones and maintaining them for future generations to come.

Since the launch of this incredible initiative (2019 to 2020, at time of writing), together we have funded over 1.8 million days of education. That equates to a year’s worth of school days for 8,000 children.

Our first school to be fully-funded by our charity partnership

Our first school to be fully-funded by our charity partnership has been built in the remote fishing village Ta Lart Thmey in North East Cambodia. This is part of our joint mission with UWS to empower and teach the unreached. The village has a population of 350, the nearest school was previously a three-and-a-half hour walk away. Therefore, less than 10 per cent of this community can read or write. 

However, thanks to our customers and Ambassadors, every child in the village now has access to primary education. Their new school has working toilets, fresh water, electricity, a library, three classrooms and supplies of toys and stationery too. These are the first of these amenities that not only the children of Ta Lart Thmey, but their elders have ever had access to.


“The support UWS has received from the whole Tropic family has meant that, in less than one year, we’ve been able to educate over 8,000 children and support them in discovering their potential! Together we’re transforming lives.” Tim Howarth Chief Executive, United World Schools

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“Some of our proudest moments with United World Schools” – Tropic Skincare


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