Tropic Skincare’s Partnership With United World Schools: How Do Your Purchases Help?

Tropic Skincare’s partnership with United World Schools is making a difference to the lives of children in some of the world’s poorest remote communities. How do your purchases help?

A proportion of every purchase – no matter how large or small – helps to fund education for children in some of the world’s poorest most remote communities. This programme is called Teach the Unreached.

The partnership is in addition to Tropic donating 10% of all profits to charities and good causes. The company’s mission is to help create a healthier, greener, more empowered world.

Making a Difference With Every Order You Place

For every collective £50 spent with Tropic (excluding delivery), a whole school day is donated in either Cambodia, Nepal or Myanmar. Over the course of their first two years partnering with UWS this equated to 24,495 school years funded.


Making an Impact

How incredible is this? To know that the products we use every day can have such a positive impact around the world, is just amazing! It’s just one of the reasons I love being a Tropic Ambassador and part of the wonderful Tropic family.

You can check out more of the wonderful work done by United World Schools on their website. They are also on Instagram account.

More About Tropic + My Tropic Storefront

If you’d like to read more about Tropic, check out my page on this site or visit my Tropic Skincare storefront.


Please note, as a Tropic Skincare Ambassador I earn commission on sales of products.

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