Did You Know You Can Get Free Kindle Books On Amazon, Almost Daily?

Did you know that you can get completely free Kindle books on Amazon? And not just occasionally, but almost daily?

Call me naive 🤓 but I’m not ashamed to admit this is something I personally only discovered last year. Perhaps I didn’t scroll down as much as I should have, but there you go. 😁

If you do know where to find these free books then that’s great – you needn’t read on.

Where To Look For Free Kindle Books

For those who don’t already know, here’s where to look. Choose a book and scroll down to the ‘Books You May Like’ section. Some of the titles will be related to the one you’ve just looked at but then they seem to become more random. The first few tend to be books with a price tag. But if you swipe to the next titles, you will usually find several that are priced at £0.00!

I went to see if a book on my book wishlist was on offer this morning. It wasn’t, but when I checked the BYML section, there were 19 pages of ideas. Scrolling through from start to finish, I ended up ‘buying’ 9 books, all of which were completely free. (You can also find some free books in the ‘Products Related to This Item’ and ‘Customer Who Read this Book Also Read’ sections. They’re generally less frequent, however, and more hidden.)

Samples Of Books

You should be aware, sometimes these are just samples of books and not the full thing. For example, one of the titles I looked at was a cookbook but it was just a selection of recipes from a big book. I still chose it because we’re always on the lookout for new meal ideas (I think there were 18 recipes) and it will also give me a good idea of what the full publication is like. Then I can make an informed choice as to whether or not to purchase the printed version.

So there you go! Just a little tip for those of us who didn’t realise so many books were priced down to zero. I hope you found this post useful. If you did, please consider sharing, pinning, or passing the link on to your friends. Thank you.

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