Having a Positive Outlook – Should we Think More Like Children?

Having a positive outlook can help us improve our lives in many areas – most people already know this. But could embracing positivity through a child’s eyes allow us all to live simpler, less stressful lives?

The Power of a Positive Outlook Through a Child’s Eyes

Children generally embody boundless positivity and unwavering optimism. Their ability to approach each day with unbridled enthusiasm serves as a profound testament to the power of their positive outlook.

With their innocent minds and untainted spirits, children also manage to do something that many adults find impossible: they live in the present moment. Far too many of us spend our time wishing our lives away. We live for Friday’s or holidays, the next season, or for when the kids have grown – even for retirement.

Living in the Moment and Appreciating Simple

Without the complexities of adulthood, children revel in the sheer joy of discovery. They find delight in the simplest of things. So why can’t adults do the same? A child’s world is one of endless possibility, where imagination knows no bounds. Every obstacle is an opportunity for exploration, whereas for many adults, the opposite is true.

One of the most remarkable facets of children is their resilience in the face of challenges. They don’t dwell on setbacks. Instead, they have the ability to bounce back with a renewed sense of determination. Think about a small child learning to walk for example. If they give up each time they fall down, they’ll never become upright, so they just keep trying until they master it.

To a child, stumbles aren’t failures: they’re an invitation to try again. Every hurdle is a chance to learn and grow. Imagine a world where we as adults thought the same way? One where we recognise that a child-like unwavering resilience shows us that setbacks aren’t roadblocks, just detours on life’s journey.

Embracing Emotional Freedom

Children also show us the beauty of genuine connections. They generally express their emotions without fear. Their laughter is infectious and their hugs genuine. They form friendships without judgment, too. In their world, kindness is second nature and thus they are accepting of other children, regardless of their differences. (When they do notice differences, they’re often opinions imposed on them by their parents or other adults, ie learned behaviour.)

The simplicity of a child’s interactions teaches us that positive connections begin with empathy, understanding, and a willingness to appreciate the uniqueness of each individual.

Drawing Inspiration from Children

As adults, we can draw inspiration from the unspoiled positivity that radiates from the hearts of children. Embracing a childlike outlook means rediscovering the joy in small moments. It means approaching challenges with resilience, and nurturing authentic connections. And sometimes it can be as simple as pausing to take a breath so that we notice what’s going on around us.

By adopting these child-like qualities we can tap into the profound power of a positive attitude. This can help us transform our lives immeasurably. (We’ve written about the power of positivity several times – you may like to check out this article.)

Being Positive for the Future

A child’s optimism shows us that there is beauty in simplicity. It’s a timeless reminder that a brighter future lies in simply embracing each day with open arms … and a heart full of hope.

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