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Using Hempseed Oil For Dogs and Other Animals – Seriously?

Using hempseed oil for dogs and other animals

Did you know that Hempseed Oil (CBD) could be used for animals such as dogs, cats, even horses?

Both Nikki and I have used CBD products over the 12-18 months, to help with pain control and insomnia. The results have honestly been incredible! Nikki managed to stop taking all of her prescribed painkillers, and her sleep improved beyond her expectations! From managing just 2-3 hours of moderately poor sleep per night, she returned to her normal 6-7 hours of good sleep, sometimes even more!

In my case (Gill), I’ve been experiencing chronic pain for a few years now. It’s not going to go away or ‘get better’ anytime soon and I was so fed up with taking over 30 prescribed pills daily, sleeping sporadically through the night, and also being constantly exhausted because of it (plus concerned about the long term effects of 3+ years worth of drugs on my liver)! When I heard about Nikki’s amazing improvement I knew I had to try CBD for myself. (I did check with my doctor that it was OK to take CBD alongside my existing drugs, and he was more than happy for me to go ahead – it’s always worth checking to ensure anything you’re already taking doesn’t clash with the CBD.)

Within two months of starting CBD, I could already see an improvement in my sleep. I still only sleep in batches of a few hours but that sleep is much deeper than it was previously. As any insomniac will testify, sleep when it comes is often shallow, and does nothing to help a person feel refreshed the following morning. I now use CBD on alternate months and I feel a lot better than I did previously, both mentally and physically, since starting with it last year. I also managed to reduce my painkillers to less than 20 per day, to almost half of what I was taking, and that has continued to the present day.

So where does Hempseed Oil for Cats and Dogs come in?

Well, Nikki started using this for her dog, Rocky – and she was amazed at the results!

“Rocky has numerous allergies so I introduced hemp oil to help alleviate his symptoms. He has allergies to grass, weeds, wood, bark – more or less life! I started using CBD once a day in his feed (using the correct quantity according to his weight). His feet are less angry and red and now more of a natural paw colour. He rarely chews his paws now – this is a massive difference to his usual behaviour. My vet had originally put him on Apoquel, which I was not happy with, so I’ve been gradually reducing his medication and now he’s only on half a tablet a day – and there is still no paw infection from his allergy. All dogs can react differently, but so far I’m very happy.”

But it’s not just for allergies. During autumn and winter when the temperature drops, cold weather makes our pets’ joints stiffen – just as our human ones do – so that is a great time of year to introduce Hempseed Oil product to our four-legged friends.

Hempseed Oil for Cats and Dogs

We can recommend two different Hemp Oil Products for animals, as shown below. Both are organic, made in the UK, are vegan and cruelty-free, and are highly recommended. Packed with Omega 3, 6 and 9, and essential Vitamins, they can help to make your pet feel calmer and less stressed, as well as supporting muscles and joints to help maintain your pet’s overall health.

If you try them, please let us know how you get on and if your dog or cat benefitted from Hempseed Oil.

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