Stuck In A Rut? Could Changing Your Focus Help?

Do you, like many people, have the feeling that you’re stuck in a rut and going round in circles? Could changing your focus help?

We toil, we fight, we try everything we can think of to get to a more advanced state of happiness. Yet the harder we try, the more stuck we appear to become. Try this if your level of frustration is nearing a ‘Category Five’.

Instead of dwelling on the pleasant but irritated individual staring back at you in the mirror, consider helping out one of the other wonderful human beings who share this planet with you.

Prioritising Our Own Wellbeing

I’ve learned the hard way that we need to prioritise our own wellbeing. If we are to make any headway toward our objectives, goals and plans need to be made, then necessary actions taken. We need to show that we can be trusted with money, save for the future, etc. Yet frequently we merely cover our backsides so they don’t get nibbled off by one of life’s rats!

However, when we prioritise our own happiness and well-being too highly, we can erect formidable barriers between ourselves and others. When this happens, we stop being open to new experiences and opportunities in life. We become so ‘me’ centred that we start to analyse even the smallest of occurrences for how they can affect us. We end up being our own worst enemies.

To be completely frank, there are times when we allow ourselves to get so engrossed in our daily routines that we forget to stop and think about whether or not we are actually heading in the direction we had originally planned.

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stuck in a rut

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