Negative Thoughts: 7 Simple Methods to Help Overcome Them

Negative thoughts can affect happiness. One minute you’re happy but the next, your mind is elsewhere. Here are 7 simple methods you can use to help you combat negative thoughts.

Breathe and Stop

This tip requires self-awareness. If you catch yourself thinking negatively, touch yourself on the shoulder and urge yourself to take a deep breath and stop. Finally, after gathering your thoughts, return to the task.

Examine Negative Thoughts

Negativity might make you overlook the irrationality of many of your thoughts. Instead of accepting your negative thought, break it down – journaling about it helps. You may realise it’s not so horrible after all.

Talk To Someone You Trust

Sometimes you need to express yourself. Consult your best friend – they might have better ideas and suggestions.

Go For A Quick Run Or Walk

Clearing your mind is essential. When negative thoughts are suffocating you and telling yourself to quit doesn’t work, go for a run or walk, or alternatively do a work out. To forget, keep yourself occupied.


Gratitude matters. List all the things you are grateful for – look at your list and remember why you’re lucky. Then, when you’re feeling low, use this to keep going. This is something I now do daily without even thinking about it and it works.


Giving someone your time and attention might help clear your mind of negative thoughts. Help a family member, friend, or even a stranger. Make it a daily mission to make someone smile or be happy, and you’ll forget you ever had bad thoughts!


For me, this is a major turning point. My mind always seems to be going in a million different directions, so I’ve never been able to meditate. However, since having a life coach, I made meditation a regular practice, much like brushing my teeth or taking a shower.

negative thoughts

I’m well over halfway through the Gabby Bernstein meditation linked below and a lot of positive things have already happened. There have been some bad days but I guess that’s to be expected since we’re all human. As Gabby suggests, I’ll continue listening to it for 40 consecutive days. This meditation is the first thing I hear in the morning and it always puts me in a great mood for the day ahead, yet it only takes a few minutes of my time. Why not give it a try yourself by clicking the following link? Gabby Bernstein Meditation.

Let me know if you listen to it and additionally, how it affects you.

Nikki x

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