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An Evening With Gabby Bernstein – Manifest Your Wildest Dreams.

Manifest Your Wildest Dreams with Gabby Bernstein

Well, what can I say? My experience seeing Gabby Bernstein in London was one of the best nights of my life! After purchasing a VIP ticket and emailing the theatre in advance to inquire about a hearing loop, I was given a seat in the first row and was able to enjoy the evening without missing a single word.

Nikki all ready for the event

The evening was everything I could have hoped for and more, thanks to the incredible atmosphere and Gabby’s graceful stage presence. Although I have always believed in the power of manifestation, this is the first time I have truly committed myself to actually showing up and making my goals a reality.

Gabby did an amazing LIVE meditation. I have never been able to meditate on such a scale before, which I believe was due to the incredible spiritual energy in the room.

She then selected volunteers who wanted to ask her a ‘Dear Gabby’ question like she does on her weekly podcasts, and the people who were brave enough, you could feel the energy from them all and it was such an emotional experience. I think if I get the opportunity again I would certainly be brave enough to put my hand up.

To summarise an evening with Gabby Bernstein …

For background purposes, when I was 18 years old, I was stabbed during the evening at Harrow-On-The-Hill Station, for no reason. I have a hearing impairment, which makes me vulnerable in everyday life. To get up from the auditorium following this event and walk to Euston Station, to be put in a vulnerable situation when a group of lads came onto the train where I was sitting on my own, and to not feel anxious or nervous – this was a huge step for me in facing my fears head on. The funny thing was, the book that was in my goody bag (which we were all given at the event) was her latest book, Happy Days, and this is what the Universe has called me to read. I honestly believe it will change my life in relation to facing my trauma and finding profound freedom and inner peace, like the books suggests, so thank you, Gabby Bernstein. 😊

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