How to Get Unstuck – Tips to Help If You’re Feeling Bogged Down

How do we get unstuck when we feel like we’re in a rut, running out of ideas, or just so bogged down with work that we can’t seem to get a minute to think creatively?

Feeling Stuck Can Be Tough (but Getting Unstuck is Achievable)

When we’re used to confidently navigating our way through our career or business, it can be tough finding ourselves feeling stuck. So what’s the best way to become unstuck and thus get past the current dip or blip, and come out of the other side feeling stronger?

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Work Out Why it’s Happening

It’s important to identify the reason we’re in our current state of mind before thinking about how to change things. Perhaps we’ve been working non-stop for a while, putting in the work but not seeing much in return in the way of sale or clients. Or maybe we’re just sick of doing the same thing day in, day out; we know we need to do something different, but we’re not sure what that something is.

Time Out

One of the first things to do is take some time out. Immerse yourself in nature, perhaps do some gardening, or simply go for a walk. The tranquility and beauty of nature can provide inspiration and clarity when we’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed (either of which can lead to us feeling stuck).

Practice Self-Care

Soak in the bath with your favourite scents to surround you, do some yoga, or take a meditation class. Self-care helps you recharge your batteries and become more balanced, and a refreshed mind often leads to a creative breakthrough.

Give yourself permission to have a few hours of indulgent me-time to help clear your mind, then you’ll start to feel better.

Seek Inspiration Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Explore different hobbies or artistic pursuits like painting, pottery, even dance, as using creative expression can then spark new perspectives and ideas.

Read something you would never normally choose. Fiction, biographies, spiritual texts, or self-help books, for example, can trigger unexpected inspiration.

Another thing that may inspire you is travel, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. Pretend you’re a tourist and explore your local area, see if you can experience it through new eyes. Try a new cuisine, visit an art gallery, then enjoy a relaxed coffee in that new cafe you’ve been meaning to visit.

Help Others

Volunteering to help others can bring a sense of fulfilment, which in turn can inspire new ideas. Look for opportunities in your local area where you can be of service to your community. You’ll also be meeting new people, who may also turn out to be a source of inspiration.

Attend Unrelated Workshops/Events

Participating in workshops or events that have nothing to do with your field can trigger all sorts of ideas and get your creative juices flowing.


Engaging in brainstorming or mind-mapping sessions can allow thoughts to flow freely, without constraints. In turn, this can often lead to innovative ideas being formed. If you’re not sure where to start, there is plenty of help available online (we suggest checking out YouTube for ideas – Mel Robbins covers this and other self-development subjects on her channel).

Re-visit Your Business Strategy

Sometimes, a fresh perspective on your business plan or strategy can bring new insights. So analyse your target audience, your ideal clients, marketing strategies, and the products you offer. Making some adjustments in these areas could help you attract more clients/customers.

Also consider adding new services or products if you’re able: something that aligns with your vision and area of expertise.

Another thing you can do is evaluate and overhaul your online content, whether that’s blog posts, social media, videos, etc. Fresh new content – or simply refreshing existing content – can reinvigorate your audience’s interest and attract new followers.

Network and Collaborate

Consider reaching out to others in your industry or related fields. Networking can lead to collaborations, partnerships, mentorship, or even new friendships. All will provide you with new ideas and potentially help you to expand your audience/customer base.

Ask for Feedback

Try asking previous and existing clients/customers for feedback, so you can better understand their needs. This can give you a fresh perspective on your business, and may lead you to change the way you approach things.

Boost your Visibility

Revamp your marketing strategy by exploring new platforms or advertising methods. This will help you increase your visibility and reach a wider audience.

How to Get Unstuck – In Brief

  • Work out why it’s happening
  • Take time out to clear your mind
  • Practice self-care to refresh and invigorate yourself
  • Seek inspiration outside of your regular field
  • Help others by volunteering in your community
  • Attend unrelated workshops and events
  • Try brainstorming and mind-mapping
  • Re-visit your business strategy
  • Network and collaborate
  • Ask for feedback to understand your customer’s needs
  • Boost your visibility through marketing to reach a wider audience

And Finally

We hope you found something of interest within this post, and that these ideas help you to become unstuck and move forward feeling renewed, refreshed, and inspired.

Sometimes, the most unconventional paths lead to the most remarkable breakthroughs, so perhaps it’s time for us all to start thinking outside of the box? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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