Monday Motivation: Get Your Week Off to a Great Start

Monday motivation can get us going in the morning and help get our week off to a great start.

Personally, we love a positive quote to help get every day off to a great start!

So while it’s not just about Monday – and we do our best to be positive every day – it does help if you start the week on the right note.

You know those days when you get up and stub your toe on the way to the bathroom, then you find you’ve run out of toothpaste? And then you spill coffee down your shirt just as you’re about to leave home? Yeah, those days! These little events can set off a string of thoughts that lead to us having an awful day. All because we’re starting out with a negative mindset. (You can find lots of great books on how to eliminate negative thinking, such as this one on Amazon.)

Whatever your thoughts are in the morning, they set your mood for the day, so make sure yours are good ones.

We highly recommend starting the day with gratitude journalling, if you don’t already do it. We talk about finding gratitude in this post, check out part 2 for information on gratitude journalling.



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