How To Overcome Negative Beliefs Around Money And Achieve Financial Success

Do you know how to overcome negative beliefs around money, and how that could help you achieve financial success? Achieving financial success isn’t easy and you’ll probably encounter many roadblocks along the way, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Removing A Major Obstacle To Financial Success

Negative beliefs around money can definitely be a major obstacle to your financial success. If you believe that you’re not good with money, that you’ll never have enough, or that money is the root of all evil, it will be very difficult to achieve your financial goals.

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Overcoming Those Negative Money Beliefs

The good news is that these negative beliefs can be overcome. With time and effort, you can change your mindset and start to see money in a more positive light.

The first thing you need to do is to identify them. This may sound obvious but it’s surprising how many people don’t even know they’re carrying limiting beliefs. If you’re familiar with the Law of Attraction, then you already know the principle, ‘what you think about becomes your reality’. Changing your thoughts isn’t easy, but it’s essential if you want to move forward.

Identifying Beliefs And Challenging Them

Sit with your journal (or laptop) and ask yourself the following question: what are the things that you believe about money that hold you back? Some examples: rich people aren’t ‘good’; I can’t earn more than X per annum; nobody will pay me that much; I spend more than I earn; making big money is hard work. Etc etc. Keep digging until you have a list with at least 5 items on it – most people will come up with a lot more than that though.

Next, start challenging your negative beliefs. Ask yourself if there’s any evidence to support each belief on your list. Are they based on facts or on your emotions? Where did they come from? Are they learned from a parent or loved one? How old were you when you began thinking this way? What are your experiences with money, are they good or bad?

Delving Deeper

Delve as deep as you can because it’s important that you bring everything to the surface and write it down. Once you start to challenge your beliefs, you’ll start to see them for what they actually are: just beliefs.

The next step is to start replacing your negative beliefs with positive ones. For example, if you believe you’re not good with money, you can replace that with a statement like, ‘I’m learning new things about money every day’, or ‘I’m getting better at managing my finances on a daily basis’. Write down as many as you need for each of your beliefs. Read and repeat them to yourself regularly, and especially when you notice yourself stating one of your old beliefs. Take a deep breath and say your new statement out loud.

Action Steps

Now you have to start taking action. Begin by setting some financial goals for yourself and identify the steps you need for each goal. As you start to see results, your negative beliefs about money will begin to fade away.

Other Things That May Help You

Talk to someone you trust – this could be a family member, friend, therapist or even a financial advisor. Someone who understands where you’re coming from can help you to feel less alone, more supported, and maybe even assist you with some of the steps you need to take.

Take some time each day to visualise yourself achieving your financial goals. Meditate on it, if possible. See yourself living the life you want to live, with the money you need to support your lifestyle. Vision boards can help with this, and you’ll find loads of examples of these online to inspire you.

Educate Yourself

Read books and articles about money. There are so many good books available that can help you to change your mindset around money (we have some on our recommendations page to give you some ideas). Reading about the experiences of others who have overcome similar limiting beliefs can be really inspiring and motivating.

Watch videos and listen to podcasts, too. One we’d highly recommend is Canna Campbell’s SugarMamma’s Fireplay podcast (linked). Canna also jointly hosts ‘How Do They Afford That?’ with Michael Thompson, of the Fear & Greed podcast.

Another thing you could do is to join a financial support group. This can help you connect with other people on the same journey: people who can provide you with support, encouragement and advice.

The Importance Of A Positive Money Mindset

Our mindset around money is one of the most important factors that determines our financial success. If that mindset is negative, it will be very difficult to achieve our financial goals. On the other hand, if we think positively about money, we are far more likely to take action to manage our finances effectively and ultimately achieve our goals. We are also more likely to be attracted to opportunities that can help us grow our wealth.

Moving Forward

The more you expose yourself to positive messages about money, the more your own mindset will change. You will start to believe that you are capable of financial success, and you’ll start to see money as a tool that can help you achieve your goals.

Overcoming your negative beliefs takes time and effort, but it is definitely possible. Hopefully some of the tips we’ve shared here will help you change your own mindset and start seeing money in a more positive light.

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