Sunday Reset: Taking the Time to Get Organised

A Sunday reset means taking the time to get organised.

Sundays are the perfect time for a reset: for reflection, self care, rest, and relaxation. But they also give you an opportunity to take time to get organised for the week ahead. Pressing that re-set button so you and your family know what’s going to happen during the following week.

Life is so much easier when you know where you all know where you should be, what you should be doing, and what you’ll need to enable you to carry out your tasks for the week. Would you agree?

Sunday reset

Planning And Organising

We love planning and organising, but more than that, we love to be organised! Much more on this topic coming soon!

In our opinion, Sunday’s are the best time to plan the week. Saturdays are often for getting out and about, family time (if you have family), and generally taking part in activities you enjoy. If you’re a busy parent, it can be your main day for catching up on all the housework and laundry, as well as ferrying the kids around to activities.

What do you usually do on Sunday? Are you a chiller or a doer? Do you make the traditional Sunday Roast to share with family and/or friends? We are all so different, so only we can decide what makes a perfect day and weekend for us. But a little planning doesn’t hurt, whatever our living situation may be.

Easy Meal Planning

Even taking the time to remove everything from the fridge, giving it a quick wipe out*, and listing what you’ve got can be a time-saver. You can then check your cupboard and plan a few main meals with the food you already have, then make a shopping list for any missing ingredients. It’s not rocket science, and most people will probably already do this. But it’s surprising how many don’t. So many people just go to the supermarket without a list and automatically pick up the same things week in, week out. Then they end up with food wastage, because they didn’t take the time to see what was lurking in their fridge in the first place.

*Try to avoid chemical cleaners near food. See Gill’s article on about simple home-made cleaners for ideas which will save you money and help the planet.

We hope you’ve had a great weekend, with plenty of fun, laughter, rest, and good food. And whatever else makes you happy! Have a wonderful week ahead, rocking those goals!

Love Gill & Nikki x

Sunday reset

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