Saving a Penny a Day – the Easy Way to Save £671.71*

How can saving a penny a day make you £671.71 in just one year? Well, the save-a-penny-a-day challenge works on compounding/cumulative saving, meaning whatever day of the year it is, you’ll be saving the same number of pennies as the day number, so the saving amount increases each day. So […]

GoHenry: Teach Your Young People All About Money

Nikki is using GoHenry with her teen to teach her all about money. GoHenry is a pre-paid Visa debit card and app for young people aged 6-18 that helps build money skills. Additionally, it comes with unique parental controls, meaning it’s completely safe for them to use. Your youngsters will […]

Zilch Virtual Card: Helps Manage Your Finances In 3 Ways

Firstly, what is Zilch? Zilch is a virtual card that allows you to ‘buy now, pay later’ at thousands of retailers. It can help you manage your finances in 3 ways: by spreading the cost of your purchases, rewarding you with points when you pay in full, and could also help […]

Are Credit Builder Cards Good For Your Financial Health?

You may have been looking at credit builder cards to help you rebuild your credit rating. But are they really good for your financial health? When you’re trying to access credit for any reason, for example applying for a mortgage or preparing to make a large purchase such as a […]

How To Overcome Negative Beliefs Around Money And Achieve Financial Success

Do you know how to overcome negative beliefs around money, and how that could help you achieve financial success? Achieving financial success isn’t easy and you’ll probably encounter many roadblocks along the way, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Removing A Major Obstacle To Financial Success Negative beliefs around money […]