Win A Dinner: Another Free Daily Draw UPDATE

Win A Dinner is another free daily draw that’s simple to enter, as mentioned in a previous post. This is an update to prove it really is genuine!

I’ve been a member of Win a Dinner for around two years now, I think, and in that time I’ve checked the winner’s page almost daily. Last week, I was thrilled to be a winner! I won £20, which was paid to my PayPal account just a few days after winning. Kerching!

win a dinner

You can choose between a cash prize of £20 or a £25 e-gift card for one of many eateries. For example, Tesco, Just Eat and Wagamamas. Alternatively, if you’re feeling generous, you can make a donation of £40 to charity! 😊

Remember, this is free to join and enter, and you receive a daily email to remind you to check to see if you’re a winner. It really is simple, and I’m living proof that you can indeed win!😊

Finally, there is no clicking ads or answering questions. You literally just click the link in the email which takes you to the winners page to see if you’ve won!


win a dinner

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