12 Important Insights for New Online Entrepreneurs

We’d like to share 12 insights that we’ve learned over the years, since we began working online (and subsequently became self-employed). These insights, or lessons if you prefer, can apply to new or established online entrepreneurs, or anyone else who works online. They cover a range of topics, from avoiding […]

Law of Attraction: How to Master Your Thoughts And Beliefs

The Law of Attraction teaches us that our beliefs and thoughts, if positive, bring positive experience into our lives (and vice versa for negative ones). So by focusing on thinking and feeling positively, we can obtain positive results. LoA is often associated with the ‘New Thought’ movement, which began in […]

Plan Your Social Media Content with the Planoly App

The Planoly App could be just what you need if you’d like to plan your social media content. Planoly was the first ever visual planner for Instagram, created by Brandy Pham (and her husband Andy) to support her jewellery range. More than 5 million people around the world are using […]