The EPS 2024 Business & Success Planner *Reduced*

We’re delighted to announce our latest product, the EPS Business & Success Planner for 2024 has now launched. It’s provided in PDF format, meaning you can either print what you need or you can upload it in an app such as Notability and use it as a digital planner. *Even […]

Having a Positive Outlook – Should we Think More Like Children?

Having a positive outlook can help us improve our lives in many areas – most people already know this. But could embracing positivity through a child’s eyes allow us all to live simpler, less stressful lives? The Power of a Positive Outlook Through a Child’s Eyes Children generally embody boundless […]

Add a Little Sparkle to the Dark Days of Winter

Adding a little sparkle to our lives is important, especially now. If you don’t agree, please hear us out. The days are dark in more ways than one at the moment. If we watch the news, we’re bombarded with tragedies, some natural, many man-made. Lives being lost in horrific circumstances, […]

Law of Attraction Advent Calendar: Starts this Friday

Just a couple of days to go until the Law of Attraction Advent Calendar begins, so if this is something you’re interested in, please check out our recent post about it. As we mentioned in the post, we have both done this calendar before and it’s a wonderful experience. It’s […]