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Negative Thoughts: 7 Simple Methods to Help Overcome Them

Negative thoughts can affect happiness. One minute you’re happy but the next, your mind is elsewhere. Here are 7 simple methods you can use to help you combat negative thoughts. Breathe and Stop This tip requires self-awareness. If you catch yourself thinking negatively, touch yourself on the shoulder and urge yourself to take a deep breath and stop. Finally, after …

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Personal Accountability: The Influence You Have on the World

What does personal accountability mean to you? Do you even realise the influence you have on the world? Everyone influences someone. We may not be leaders, but we are in leadership; we may not be powerful, but we have power. And we may not have responsibility but we are responsible. An old adage* states, “No man is an island.” Even …

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An (Amazing!) Evening With Gabby Bernstein: Manifest Your Wildest Dreams.

Well, what can I say? My experience seeing Gabby Bernstein in London was one of the best nights of my life! After purchasing a VIP ticket and emailing the theatre in advance to inquire about a hearing loop, I was given a seat in the first row! I was able to enjoy the evening without missing a single word. The …

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Always Learning: The Best Way to Keep Improving

If You’re Always Learning, You’ll Never Stay Stagnant.📈 It’s the best – and only – way we can keep improving throughout our lives. Learning something new every day means life never gets boring. There’s nothing worse than each day being an exact replica of the previous one. What do you do to keep yourself motivated while you’re working towards your …

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