Don’t Let the Naysayers Steal Your Dreams #Life Skills

What do we mean by the title, don’t let the naysayers steal your dreams? 🤔 Well, if you want to change your life, perhaps by travelling, changing career, or starting a business, it can feel essential to share your reasons with those around you: the people who are most important […]

Harnessing Daily Success: An Introduction to the Law of Attraction

How do you go about harnessing daily success, and can you do so using the Law of Attraction? To work with the Law of Attraction (LOA), you need to understand its fundamental principle: like attracts like. This universal law suggests that your thoughts, feelings and beliefs attract similar energies from […]

The Pursuit Of Excellence (And How To Achieve It) #lifeskills

“Excellence is a state of being that is characterised by high standards, exceptional performance, and a commitment to continuous improvement. It’s something we all strive for in our work, our relationships, and our personal lives.“ That’s the usual definition of excellence, but what does it actually take to achieve it? […]

Forex Trading: Results of Our First Year in Forex Trading

As we announced last year, we decided to venture into Forex trading and decided it was time for a results update, to share what happened in our first year. TLDR: skip to summary When we started, we were trading separately on dummy accounts (we use Trading View) but learning together. […]