The EPS 2024 Business & Success Planner *Reduced*

We’re delighted to announce our latest product, the EPS Business & Success Planner for 2024 has now launched. It’s provided in PDF format, meaning you can either print what you need or you can upload it in an app such as Notability and use it as a digital planner. *Even […]

12 Important Insights for New Online Entrepreneurs

We’d like to share 12 insights that we’ve learned over the years, since we began working online (and subsequently became self-employed). These insights, or lessons if you prefer, can apply to new or established online entrepreneurs, or anyone else who works online. They cover a range of topics, from avoiding […]

Plan Your Social Media Content with the Planoly App

The Planoly App could be just what you need if you’d like to plan your social media content. Planoly was the first ever visual planner for Instagram, created by Brandy Pham (and her husband Andy) to support her jewellery range. More than 5 million people around the world are using […]

How To Set Up A Self-hosted Blog (Complete Beginners Guide)

This article will walk you through the basic steps of how to set up a self-hosted blog and is aimed at complete beginners. A self-hosted blog is one that you own and control, self-hosted on your own web server rather than on a platform like Blogger or This gives […]

Succeeding As A Woman In A Man’s World

It’s amazing and crazy that even though it’s 2023, we’re still talking about succeeding as a woman in a man’s world. Yes, it’s 2023 and this is definitely still a man’s world, and women often face unique challenges in succeeding in their careers. However, there are many things that we […]