The Law of Attraction: How to Make It Work When You’re Not Rich & Famous

Have you ever wondered how you can make the Law of Attraction work if you’re a normal person, and not rich and famous? Stars, Athletes and Millionaires would appear to have solved the mystery of how it all works, whereas the rest of us seem to struggle.

We both ‘discovered’ and got involved with the Law of Attraction (LOA) several years ago after viewing The Secret movie. While we may not have mastered it completely, it has definitely made a difference to our lives. And we can both manifest parking spaces … just saying! 😉

Self Doubt

Achievement seems like a tricky business. Whether we want to be musicians or successful authors, or excel in any other endeavour, getting to the top appears to be riddled with pitfalls. For instance, we may be overcome with doubt. We may think others are more talented than us, that they had a head start, or that they are more motivated, better looking, and so on. Doubt is like an axe chopping away at the foundation of our dreams.

You’re Not Alone

If you have these kinds of feelings, then you’re not alone. Almost every top performer goes through self doubt before they reach the peak of their achievement. They are often empowered through this challenging period with the Law of Attraction. We know this to be the case because so many top achievers tell us exactly how they got there.

Jim Carrey famously made a cheque out to himself for $10m for “acting services rendered”. He said he’d previously tried to visualise having success but hadn’t been able to make it work. When he wrote his cheque he dated it Thanksgiving 1995. Just before that date he found out he was going to be paid $10m for the movie, Dumb & Dumber!

Many top athletes use visualisation, picturing themselves winning races or games. It’s no coincidence that they are taught meditation and visualisation. Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant reached the highest levels in their sport, and both are reported as saying their secret weapon was mindfulness.

A Step By Step Process

The Law of Attraction works by using your mind to tune your energetic vibration to all of the people, resources, and experiences that lead to your dream. This sounds complicated. Fortunately, the Law of Attraction Planner makes applying the principles of LOA a step-by-step process.

law of attraction

First, you have to get clear about what exactly will make you happy. Improving your financial situation, being healthy, getting into a career that you enjoy, and creating closer relationships form the basis of a happy life. Once you have those things, everything else is just the icing on the cake.

Applying the Law of Attraction

Applying the Law of Attraction can quickly deliver all of your desires into your reality. You have to take the first step, and you have to continue following the process. The LOA Planner makes each of eight steps along your path to full LOA success completely foolproof. Proven by thousands of people using it daily, the LOA Planner leads you on the path towards your dreams using a follow-the-numbers process.

Your first step will be to define your goals – you can pick any goal for starting out. As you use the planner, you will be able to add more goals and achieve more of your vision. Next, you will create a fun mind-map of the steps required to get you from where you are to where you want to be. Along the way, the planner provides affirmations, rewards, motivational sections, and most importantly, energy building methods that are revolutionary.

Any one of these processes is life-changing. Putting them all together supercharges your ability to achieve anything you want in life. It’s your turn to join the thousands of people worldwide already enjoying the benefits of the LOA Planner. Now is the time for you to release your own superstardom!

This beautiful planner comes with a 100% guarantee to assure complete customer satisfaction.

You can instantly download a sample of the dream-creating LOA Planner and see if it’s for you, or order the full version so you can get started immediately!

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