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New Month, New Plans, New Goals

Can you believe it’s September already? We love a new month, though, especially when it means we can make new plans and set new goals. But goodness, where has this year gone, we ask ourselves!

We are busy bees at the moment, currently working on lots of new projects and dreaming up new goals! We’re still loving our Forex trading training – that’s our first joint job of the day when we get together on Zoom and go through our favourite pairs on Trading View, see how things are looking. Sometimes we set pending orders, some days we’ll scalp instead – we both have different trading styles, one preferring scalping and one longer trades, but we make it work well for us. #teamworkmakesthedreamwork 

Currently, we trade on one live account and one demo – the demo we use to test out any new strategies we’ve been shown, or tools we haven’t tried before.

Trading, for us, is a long term thing. It’s not a get rich quick scheme: it’s a skill that if learnt correctly, can set you up for life! If it’s something you would like to learn, please feel free to message us and we may be able to help point you in the direction of some great resources – all for free!*

Changing the subject slightly, look out for our free e-book on using Essential Oils, which will be coming your way soon!

*Disclaimer – we do belong to a training platform but we also follow some fantastic successful traders on YouTube, and belong to a few free groups on Facebook, where there are helpful traders and loads of useful information!

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